We Will Never Forget
Made In U.S.A.
We Will Never Forget
Made In U.S.A.

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More Grow With Me products,
designed with families in mind.


The Ladybug Family Game, 5-in-1 Seat Cover, and Playmat were all created as solutions to our own parenting frustrations. Let me explain, and you can see if YOUR family fits into any of these situations!

Why do kids always want to play with the same toy at the same time!?!
The Ladybug Family Game was designed with enough babies [10] for our 3 daughters to share . . .
and even our very ADHD oldest daughter could play quietly with it for an extended length of time.

Do you have a "picky eater" who was difficult from the get-go? Our youngest didn't like anything and was quick to tell us that by spitting the food out almost as fast as we could put it in her mouth. The 5-in-1 Seat Cover takes the aggravation out of feeding a baby in the infant seat since it can be wiped clean or pulled right off easily to wash and dry. And because it fits many kinds of baby seats, you don't need a drawer filled with assorted seat-covers -- ONE does the job, keeping that one product "busy" for up to 3 years! Now that's value for your money!

Our middle daughter spit up forever every time she was put on a blanket to play. With our Playmat so easy to wipe clean, we no longer had a washer-load of blankets at the end of every day. Its thick soft fabric also insulated and protected her from the cold hard floor. And since our fabric is water repellent, we could put the Playmat on the bed or couch with no fear of an "accident" soaking through to the furniture or carpet.

Please take a peek at these three products designed by a MOM to make YOUR life easier! Happy parenting!!

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