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Bearington Dottie Blankets

New Animal Security Blankies

Custom Embroidery

Teddy Blankies

Luxury Blankie

Katie Little® Teddy Security Blankies                  

Katie Little® Security Teddy Blankies
have been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer . . .

You may want to take a look at these Blankies we found them to be very compatable. . .
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These Bear Blankies are made with a furry polyester fabric and silky soft satin lining---
the entire underside of this blankie is very soft polyester satin.
There's a real "Don't squeeze the Charmin" kind of feel to these cuddly little guys.

Bears originally available in Pink, Blue, Cream.
18" x 18" (when opened up)
Machine Wash and Dry.

NOTE: We applique a soft fleece heart
with personalization,
so the embroidery doesn't get "buried" in the fur!!
Custom embroidery only $7.00

Katie Little NO LONGER puts a rattle in their products
and they NO LONGER have a Satin Ribbon around the neck.

Custom embroidery

Animal Security Blankies from Kids Line     

NEW from Kids Line, a smaller version of their popular Teddy Blankie is now available in these characters:
Chocolate Monkey, Blue Elephant, Cream Lamb .
Their heads are velvety velour fabric with embroidered features to make a safe and comfortable bedtime pal for even the smallest baby.
The polyester blanket is 14" square when opened up, with the underside completely satin and the top side lightweight fur.
[If you are familiar with Kidsline Katie Little Teddy Blankie and would like to compare, here are the differences: 4" smaller blankie,
a more muted satin, longer and less dense fur, velour rather than fur fur head, and no arms.]
Price: $14.99 plain, or $21.99 personalized
Size: 14" x 14"
100% Polyester

Surface Wash, manufacturer suggestion.
NOTE: Sorry but ALL Blankies are out of stock and no longer being manufactered.

Custom Embroidery only $7.00
NOTE: We applique a soft fleece patch with personalization,
so the embroidery doesn't get "buried" in the fur. This gives the blankie yet another texture for your baby to feel!

We have not received orders from Kidsline-Katie Little
for several months. Rumors are they are also being discontinued.

Katie Little® Luxury Security Blankie(14" X 14"Square)      

Here's a very soft huggable blankie that has a
"chenille feel" on one side and silky satin on the other side.
The 14"x14" square size makes it easy for babies of
all ages to carry it anywhere.
Fabric Content: Polyester with a little nylon.
Machine Wash & Dry.

Custom embroidery only $7.00

Katie Little/Kidsline Has Discontinued Their
Luxury Dot Blankets    
But we have found a great replacement by Bearington Baby Collection
*Dottie Snuggle Blanket*

The same wonderfully soft sculptured dot fabric with satin lining and binding.
Bearington Dottie Snuggle Blanket

Soft Pastels : Pink, Blue, Cream

PRICE: $23.99 plain or $30.99 Personalized
Size: 28.5" x 28.5"
100% Polyester
Machine Wash and Dry

Custom Embroidery only $7.00
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Bearington Dottie Snuggle Blanket
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