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"The fabric is magic food just falls off! The large size is much more sensible than the little ones [bibs] we used to have"

Jean . . . . . . . . Suffolk, England

"After each meal, I just rinse them off and they almost dry immediately. Your bibs are fantastic!"

Joan . . . . . . . . Akron, Ohio

"Milk, spaghetti, and juice just 'blot' off and never soak through comes out of the wash looking like new. Terry cloth and vinyl bibs are obsolete!"

Terri . . . . . . . . Dunedin, Florida

I received the bib and it looks really great, LOVE the pocket !! We are going to try it with her for dinner this evening and see how she does, I think it will work very well. Thanks again and I will let you know if we decide on the other one too.

Laura . . . . . . . . . . . . Palmetto, Florida

I received my baby bib today. It is beautiful. Keira will get lots of use out of it. Thank you very much.

You are wonderful!! Thank you so much for getting them ready today. Once I have had a chance to see them and test them out, I will let you know which we prefer and will order more for home and school. What a wonderful resource for special needs parents, thank you for all you do !!

Laura. . . . . . . . . . Palmetto, Florida

I wanted to say I have received the teddies today. I am over the "moon" and very excited to have them!!. I can never say enough "thanks" :-) best wishes and wish you all the "sucess" in your business - mind to say "you have a happy scottish customer"

Denise . . . . . . . . .Stirlingshire, Scotland UK

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